Hi there! 

Wondering who is running this blog? 

Well, my name is Sabina Nedelius and I’m really your typical kind of boring person whose main interests lie in spending a lot of time with my hubby, my dog and, of course, family and friends. If I am doing something else, I enjoy reading and writing but tend to grow restless, at which point I typically trouble my hubby by redecorating (for the billionth time), manic cleaning and organising or (if I feel up to something less straining) playing Dragon Age (mostly skipping DA 2 for, what I feel, are obvious reasons).

Academically, I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with a specialization in Linguistics from the University of Gothenburg and a Master of Science in English Language, specialising in historical linguistics, from the University of Edinburgh. Currently, I am undertaking my PhD in English language at the University of Oslo, focusing on modernised punctuation in later editions of medieval literature.

My main area of interest is Middle English, particularly morphology, semantics and orthography (though historical dialectology tickles quite a bit too) but I also branch out to Old English and Proto-Germanic.

Though I am focused on English, I  enjoy most things the linguistic world has to offer and will try to offer a selection of linguistic facts from various languages and linguistic areas. I do hope that you’ll enjoy the HLC and let me know if there is anything missing – I always appreciate some new input! 


I am very grateful to have my lovely proofreader, Rebekah Layton, with me for each of my posts – read her presentation below! 

Rebekah layton

Nomadic American who has far too many hobbies: painting, waltzing, reading, playing the ukulele, alphabetizing other people’s DVDs…

Academically, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English linguistics from Arizona State University and completed postgraduate work at the University of Edinburgh, specializing in the historical development of the English language (my favourite bedtime story). I have the Harry Potter books in five languages and counting (although I can’t read all of them…. yet).

The real love of my life is Old English.


Previous contributors

I have been lucky enough to have others who have actively been a part of the HLC team. 

  • Riccardo Battilani
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